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In today’s digital age, advertising on social media platforms has become a cornerstone of successful marketing strategies.

Among these platforms, Facebook stands as a giant, offering unparalleled access to a massive and diverse user base.

To effectively tap into this potential, businesses are exploring innovative methods, and one strategy gaining traction is buy Facebook ad accounts.

If you are in need of buy Ad accounts Facebook and Business manager ? You have found the right address.

Our Facebook account shop provides the service of selling facebook and BM Facebook advertising accounts of all kinds.

With these facebook ad accounts have proven to be a valuable tool for many marketers.

Understanding buy Facebook Ad Accounts


Before delving into the advantages of purchasing Facebook ad accounts, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of ad accounts.

A Facebook ad account serves as a hub for managing and organizing advertising campaigns.

It’s through these accounts that businesses create, run, and monitor their ads.

Each ad account is linked to a payment method and can have multiple users with varying levels of access.

Facebook ad accounts will generally include 2 types :

  • Personal Facebook advertising account ( Profile Facebook Ads account )
  • Business Facebook ad account ( buy facebook ad account in Business Manager )

Personal Facebook advertising account is the default Facebook ad account of each facebook profile, called a personal ad account.

Currently, personal facebook advertising accounts will have the following types: Limit $50, Limit $250, Nolimit.

Personal Facebook advertising account

Business Facebook ad account is an advertising account in Facebook Business Manager (Meta Business Suite).

Currently, business Facebook ad accounts are available in Limit $25, Limit $50, and Limit $250, Nolimit.

Business Facebook ad account

To learn more about Facebook Business Manager (Meta Business Suite), You can see more here

Buy Facebook Business Manager Nolimit, Buy BM Facebook

Buy Verified Business Manager | Buy BM Facebook

What is Facebook Business Manager ?

Business Manager  ( Meta Business Suite ) is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business.

When you join Business Manager, coworkers can’t view your personal Facebook profile unless you approve their friend requests.

Coworkers can only see your name, work email address and the Pages and ad accounts you have access to.

Main functions to use Business Manager Facebook :

  • Manage multiple Fanpages in BM account.
  • Manage multiple ad accounts in BM account.
  • Manage multiple pixels, payment methods and more
  • BM account is updated with the latest and earliest advertising features from Facebook.
  • Always get support from the Facebook team if something goes wrong.
  • Some other benefits that I will talk about after getting into the specifics.

Compare BM Facebook accounts and Personal ad accounts

  • Personal account has only 1 ad account.
  • Facebook account BM manages unlimited number of advertising accounts.
  • BM facebook account can manage many pixels, fanpage.

Buy Facebook BM Business Manager BM250 Verified BM5 NOLIMIT

Classification of Business Managers BM Facebook

BM50 is Business Manager Facebook in which only 1 ad account can be created, and the spending budget of this ad account is limited to $50/day.

BM350 is a Business Manager Facebook, start creating 1 limited budget ad account starting at $50, after the first payment will create 2 more ad accounts, multiple payments will be extended limit should be 250$.

BM250 is a Business Manager Facebook start creating 1 limited budget ad account starting at $250, after the first payment will create 4 more ad accounts limit 250$.

BM1 NOLIMIT , BM5 NOLIMIT is a Facebook Business Manager, creating 1 (BM1) or 5 (BM5) ad accounts, corresponding to the name of BM.

This type of BM ad account has no budget limit ( nolimit or unlimited ).

BM80, BM100 , BM2500 , BM10000 are Facebook business manager, there are number of ad accounts corresponding to that BM name and most of them are unlimited budget.

BM Resolved ( BM Reinstated ) is a Facebook business manager, has a history of running ads and is disabled. Later was reinstated, resolved. 3 lines green resistance.

BM Agency is a Facebook business manager that has enabled the Facebook Agency feature.

BM Verified is a verified Facebook business manager with a green check mark, verifying business information with Facebook. BM has verified trust high, good health.

BM OLD AGED is a Facebook business manager was created from 2017-2020.

BM NEW is a Facebook business manager was created from 2023.

BM UNDED : is a Facebook business manager has been restricted from advertising, but can still advertise. Immortal BM. ( BM1 unded, BM5 unded, BM100 unded )

BM Identity Verification : is an identity verified Facebook business manager with Facebook. Different from BM verified. Available BM5 nolimit identity verification.

Buy Facebook Accounts Bulk, Aged, PVA With Marketplace

Buy Verified Facebook Pages – Fanpage Blue Verification Badge

The Benefits of Buy Facebook Ad Accounts, BM Facebook

Immediate Access: Creating and nurturing a new ad account Facebook demands time and effort.

By buy facebook ad accounts, businesses can skip the initial setup phase and dive straight into running ads.

This can be particularly advantageous for time-sensitive promotions or urgent marketing campaigns.

Bypassing Restrictions: Facebook has stringent policies and algorithms that might limit ad reach or even block accounts for various reasons.

Buying accounts with a clean history can help marketers avoid these hurdles, ensuring their campaigns receive maximum exposure.

Enhanced Reach: Older Buy Facebook ad accounts often come with higher spending limits and better ad delivery due to their history of positive engagement.

This can result in broader reach and improved targeting capabilities for ads.

Proven Track Record: Established ad accounts might have a history of successful campaigns, audience engagement, and positive feedback.

This track record can contribute to the credibility and trustworthiness of the ads.

Geographical Advantage: Buy Facebook ad accounts from different regions or countries can provide businesses with a foothold in markets that might otherwise be challenging to enter.

Localized ad accounts can help tailor content to specific audiences more effectively.


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