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We specialize in providing materials to serve the work of running Facebook ads of customers around the world.

We prioritize quality as well as the lowest cost for each product sold.

If you are in need buy Facebook Resolved Fanpage for run ads.

You have found the right address.

With many years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

Will ensure to bring you the best service experience when buy Fans page Resolved or Page Resistance.

And some other things to serve running ads, for example buy Facebook BM, buy Facebook accounts reinstated aged.

But in this article, we only focus on Fans page Facebook Resolved Resistance Aged trust, can change name, very strongly.

Buy Facebook Resolved Fanpage Aged, Very Trust Strong

Buy Facebook resolved Fans page

Facebook advertising is getting more and more difficult.

When Facebook increasingly tightens the policy in Ads.

Causes many advertising Facebook accounts, Fanpage, BM to be restricted from advertising, refuse to advertise or be blocked forever.

That makes our business, must promote the creation of superior, outstanding and powerful products.

To help customers overcome the raids of Facebook.

Specifically, launching products such as:

  • Facebook BM resolved.
  • Facebook Fanpage resolved.
  • Facebook Profile accounts reinstated.

The main character in this article is Fanpage resolved. For customers who need to buy Facebook resolved Fans page.

What is Facebook Resolved Fanpage ?

Facebook Resolved Fanpage

Facebook Resolved Fanpage is a Facebook fanpage that used to run ads and had ads disabled.

Then submitted an appeal request to Facebook.

After being reviewed by Facebook and restored the advertising feature.

Facebook Resolved Fanpage suitable for advertising at the present time.

When Facebook is cracking down hard, controlling the policy is tense.

Details Facebook Resolved Fanpage

The detailed information about Facebook Resolved Fanpage that we provide to sell to customers, ensure the following criteria.

Please consult and make appropriate decisions.

  • Facebook Fans page resolved, successful ads recovery
  • Age 6 months – 3 years
  • The Fans page is not restricted or violates any policy.
  • Quality green Fans Page
  • There is a small number of Page Likes, Page followers.
  • There are full avatar images
  • The name can be changed at the request of the customer.
  • Very trust, very strong suitable for Facebook advertising.
  • Date Resistance day for the last few days

Compare Facebook resolved Fanpage and normal Fans page

  • Facebook resloved Fanpage Stronger than normal fans page.
  • Facebook resloved Fanpage is more trustworthy than normal page.
  • Pages normal not resolved ads

Why Buy Our Facebook Resolved Fanpage ?

As we all aware of the consumer behavior that people first review the product online and ensure the reliability of the product and the seller as well.

So this will help the consumer to prefer your business products and services with trust of having huge fans and likes, comments.

It’s a common trend either you want to buy a T-shirt or you buy a luxury car.

Every consumer want to purchase a reliable product from trustworthy seller.

And consumer judges the worth of your business by the likes on Facebook or the following of the people and their views about your business.

All the products we provide to our customers are of the best quality.

  • High quality Fanpage resolved
  • Can change the name of the fanpage according to customer requirements
  • The fanpage warranty has been resolved
  • Remove all admins after selling to customers
  • Make sure the owner does not dispute

Procedure buy Facebook Resolved Fanpage

1/ Announce the number of Pages customers need to buy

2/ Payment the cost of buying the page

3/ Send the profile link so we can set up the administrator Fans page.

4/ We change the name of Fanpage resolved if you request

5/ We set up admins for you, and removed all of our admins

Price list Facebook resolved Fans page

Facebook New Resolved Fanpage $10 Can change name
Facebook Aged Resolved Fanpage $15 Can change name
Facebook New Fanpage with >100 followes, like $10 Can change name
Facebook Aged Fanpage with >100 followers, like $15 Can change name



Facebook does not prohibit the transfer of admin rights.

And this is allowed by Facebook (not in the name of sale).

Therefore, buying a Facebook Fanpage does not violate the policy.


Of course, we build long-term relationships with our customers.

so we always stay in touch to answer your questions about Fanpage and provide you with solutions.

In addition, Fanpage can be replaced if the problem comes from us.


We accept cryptocurrencies : BTC, USDT, USDC (Binance)

Or Paypal


After receiving payment from customer, it will take 1-5 minutes for us to set up Fanpage admin for customer.


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